Dating a rescue swimmer

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In the end, ESCANABA had saved 133 lives, over six times the number rescued from USS CHEROKEE.Prause’s tethered rescue swimmer system had proven a great success.Unfortunately, the success of Prause and his system proved short lived.

In 1935, he passed his examination and received an appointment for the class of 1939.

The cutter escorted cargo vessels and troop transports between U. and Canadian ports and on to Greenland in arguably the worst and most forbidding sea and weather conditions in any theater of operations of World War II.

On June 15, 1942, an event took place that made a lasting impression on Prause.

The difficulty of retrieving men from the frigid heavy seas of the North Atlantic prompted Prause to work with the ship’s commanding officer, LCDR Carl U.

Peterson, to develop a safer and more effective method for recovering debilitated survivors from Greenland’s icy cold waters.

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